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Brač is the third largest island of Croatia. Its highest peak Vidova Gora, 778m above the sea level, is also the highest peak of all the Croatian islands. The limestone part of the coast is rocky and steep, while the rest is rather low and sandy.  
Sailing on the southern side one needs to visit Bol, with famous Golden Cape – Zlatni Rat – Beach. The beach is located on a cape covered in pebbles which moves, depending on the wind and waves from one side to another. You'll have to admit that this is the only beach that you've heard of that changes its shape from day to day. Island of Brac is also known for the quarries, which have been a source of stone for building decorative stonework for centuries, most famous being The White house in Washington.
When you sail to Brac do not forget to buy a souvenir from the famous Brac Marble, swim on the Golden Cape beach and have a glass of the famous red vine Plavac.